What will your inner child say about today?

Observing my 3 years old niece a couple of days ago made me wonder when did we lose all the enthusiasm about life.

All kids want their days to be endless, they don’t even want to sleep, go to the bathroom or eat because they enjoy every minute of their day that they don’t want to waste it.

And there we are, in our office, so caught with our work, a burden for so many, that we cannot enjoy our days. Instead, we pray for the days to pass and hope for endless weekends.

But when the weekend comes, we are so exhausted that all we want to do is sleep and still forget to enjoy all God gave us.

When was the last time you remembered your inner child? When was the last time you did something for your soul, something you used to like so much that you used to stay up all night for?

Working in multinational companies for almost 8 years, and thus having contact with so many people, I noticed the same pattern: irrespective of the industry, most people are unhappy with their jobs. Somehow they compromise for money, for fame, positions and benefits ( it is so easy to lose yourself and give in to all these distractions). And than they reach to a certain point when they realize that they don’t like their jobs but they can’t change it mostly because starting something new means assuming financial instability.

Whether you see yourself in this situation or not, promise me you will remember you inner child more often.
If you can’t make the leap yet but you are willing to, start small, but start: dedicate at least an hour of your time daily in doing something you really enjoy doing. If you are consistent, you will find the courage and the resources to really start doing the things which really bring happiness to your soul.

Don’t count the days. Make the days count.

Psst: If you are distracted by the social media and you can’t keep your focus for too long, you can try apps like “Forest” – as an incentive to stay away from your phone, you can plant a seed which will grow into a real tree. 🙂

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