The traveler and the healing well

One man was climbing a mountain with a heavy blue backpack. He stops often because the backpack becomes heavier once he starts climbing more.

On the road, he meets a green fairy. Surrounded by beautiful butterflies, the fairy gets close to his ear and asks: “Where are you going?” And the man answers: “I’m going at the top of the mountain to find a healing well.
– Can you take me with you in your backpack?
– I don’t have any space inside.
– But what are you carrying? Isn’t there anything you could let go of?
– No, I need everything inside. I have all my belongings there.

So the man moves forward leaving the green fairy behind.
As he moves slowly and slowly with its blue backpack, he meets another fairy. This fairy is red, spreading a lovely perfume and light. The fairy asks him the same thing as the green one and without convincing the man to take her with him, he watches him moving forward on its way to the healing well.
After meeting two more fairies on its way, one purple and another one white, leaving them all behind, our traveler meets a men in a purple long coat with a yellow backpack. He asks the traveler:
– Where are you going sir?
– I’m going at the top of the mountain to find a healing well.
– But why are you carrying such a heavy backpack with you?
– I have all my belongings there. I cannot leave them behind. But what do you have in your backpack? It seems very light.
– I have beautiful fairies and butterflies.
– But don’t you need anything else? How can you walk this mountain with only fairies and butterflies?
– But how can you reach the healing well with such a weight? Heavy backpacks are not allowed there. You should go and trade a few things for the fairies who will help you reach the top.

So the men returns in searching for the fairies.
First, he meets the white fairy and tries to trade something from his backpack to make her some space. The first thing he pulls out is a black box. It is difficult to let go of the box so he cries, feeling a physical pain in his whole body just at the thought of letting go. After making some space, the fairy gets inside and they move together in search of the other fairies.

For the purple fairy he trades a grey box, for the red one a violet box and finally, for the green one a brown box. Each separation of some of its belongings is difficult, but the man gives up all the boxes so all the fairies could get inside.
Now, he feels very light, relieved, and he reaches the top of the mountain in a heartbeat. But instead of the healing well, the man finds a big mirror.
In the mirror, the fairies show the man images of the boxes he let go of: The black box contained past traumas; The grey box contained self judgement; The violet box contained anger, remorse and guilt; The brown box contained insecurities and fears.

After showing him all the things he was carrying with him for so long, at the place where the man’s heart was, the healing well appeared.
Amazed by the discovery of the healing well he was climbing for, the man asks the fairies: “What if there are other people who are climbing in search for the same thing? We should tell them that they do not need to go this far and just show them the mirror so they can see that their healing wells are inside themselves.”
And the fairies answered: “But the wells reveals only when people are willing to let go of the boxes inside their own backpacks.

Same as our traveler, we carry with us so much weight which we either cannot let go of or are to attached to it that we don’t want to let go.
The important thing is to realize that we all have healing wells inside and the fairies are always waiting for us to make them space (white fairy: forgiveness; purple fairy: self confidence; red fairy: love and compassion; green fairy: acceptance).

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