The butterfly story

First day of the Dream and Synchronicity workshop in Predelut, held by Robert Moss, which I am taking part of, together with other 20 something beautiful souls. And because every journey starts with an intention, I share mine (what brought me to the retreat), which intuitively came to me: “I am chasing butterflies”.

After I share this, a split second I think how childish it sounds this butterfly chasing. Then, the cover of one of Robert’s books comes to mind (Dreaming the soul back home) and I remember that the butterfly symbolizes the soul. So, if I replace butterflies with pieces of soul, my intention suddenly doesn’t seem so childish anymore. I say to myself that this is yet another proof that I should trust my intuition more, trust the messages I receive, without being so analytical about them. The mind always needs explanations. I’m not falling into its trap again.

During one of the games we play, I pick a random message, written by one of the colleagues: „Transformation. Anything can be or become something else.” Hmm….I am thinking at the transformational process I am going through and how when we feel that the road we are going is not the right one, we may choose another possibility. We have the capacity to change everything in our favor. From the deepest wounds we may take the most profound lessons.

When we are going through a transformational process, anything can fall apart of transform. I realize the level of resistance I sometimes have. I know I need to let myself carried away, but I haven’t integrated this lesson. Not yet.

At the end of day one, I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. I notice a big, colored painted butterfly on my t-shit. I haven’t realized that this was my pick for today. I smile noticing the first synchronicity.

Later, the butterfly returns. It seems that is my today’s theme. I see on Facebook how some kids are witnessing a transformational process: how the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis. And I realize how amazing this process is. And how hard it is. And that the caterpillar needs to die so that the butterfly may come out. And I think about the message I picked up with the transformation and I realize that this is how I feel: like I am breaking in a thousand pieces. I feel like something is dying, but that something great surfaces. As we used to say during the coaching school: growth pains on the inside. Yes, this is it! The more I resist, the more it hurts, I struggle, is hard. The more I let myself in the process, I can see wings growing. I can feel them.

I smile again and I let myself be taken into the dreamland. How beautiful it is to witness a transformational process: of a butterfly or maybe yours!

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