• Live virtual sessions (a total of 30 hours) - will not be recorded for privacy.
  • Themed Compassionate Inquiry sessions - each weekly Compassionate Inquiry session is 2 hours. The themes are as follows:
  • Safety through connection
  • Access the Wisdom of the Body
  • Explore Your Triggers
  • Know What Happened to You
  • Express Your Authenticity
  • Address Your Needs
  • Practice Self-Compassion for All Parts of You
  • Be Response-Able
  • Affirm the Possibility in You
  • Themed Mindful Movement sessions related to your compassionate inquiry journey (s.a. safety, releasing and grounding, choice, noticing sensations, understanding your needs, taking action, boundaries, staying present when triggered, self-compassion, empowerment) - each Mindful Movement is 1 hour.
  • Small group - up to 10 people - so you can receive the support needed.
  • Whatsapp group for additional support in-between sessions.
  • Weekly journaling
  • Opportunities to share in the larger group, as well as during the breakout rooms.

you receive

  • 20 hours of interactive, facilitated, experiential group sessions that introduce participants to key concepts and practices in CI, and initiate the process of Self-inquiry.
  • 10 hours of mindful movement and evidence-based trauma-sensitive practices
  • Small group of maximum 10 people
  • The Compassionate Inquiry 2-Day Workshop recordings with Gabor Maté, (Vancouver, 2018)
  • Transcripts of the workshop recordings
  • Booklet with the Compassionate Inquiry Circle Weekly Themes and questions pertaining to those themes
  • Support from experienced facilitators

possible outcomes & benefits:

Everyone is different so results can vary; however, past participants have reported:

  • reduction in PTSD symptoms
  • learning about your nervous system and how to self-regulate
  • better sleep
  • feeling connected, present, supported, confident, and hopeful
  • improved ability to breath
  • understanding the connection between the mind and the body
  • learning that it is safe to be in your body
  • understanding behavioral patterns and coping mechanisms
  • staying present when triggered
  • feeling empowered
  • improved ability to make choices that benefit you
  • learning about acceptance and how to grow from your trauma
  • rediscover and appreciate your true self
  • practice with a supportive group
  • develop compassion and self-compassion


Saturdays for 10 weeks; read below for specific dates:

Week 1: October 29, 2022 
Week 2: November 12, 2022  
Week 3: November 26, 2022
Week 4: December 10, 2022
Week 5: January 7, 2023
Week 6: January 14, 2023
Week 7: January 28, 2023
Week 8: February 18, 2023
Week 9: March 4, 2023
Week 10: March 18, 2023

11am-2pm (New York/Toronto time)* convert to your timezone here

About the facilitators

Cristina Bâra

Cristina is a Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator, Circle leader & practitioner. She is also trained as a NARM therapist, working with attachment, relational and developmental trauma, through a bottom up and top down approach. 

Top-down approaches emphasize cognitions and emotions as the primary focus. Bottom-up approaches, on the other hand, focus on the body, the felt sense and the instinctive responses as they are mediated through the brain stem toward higher levels of brain organization.


She strongly believes there is something in each one of us which creates “conditions” to bring us closer to who we really are, but, sometimes, we see them as things which happen to us instead of opportunities for inner exploration.

Simona Lederman

Simona is a yoga therapy graduate and a certified trauma-sensitive yoga facilitator (TCTSY-F) and for many years she’s been working with veterans with PTSD, women with childhood trauma, infertility, perinatal or reproductive trauma, as well as anxiety, loss, depression, cancer, and chronic disease.


Her approach is very personalized and draws on several modalities: yoga, mindfulness, ayurveda, Qigong, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Reiki, and positive psychology. She's been where you are and while having a shared experience helps, her focus is to support you.

Read more about Simona.

Registration process and fees:

If you want to register, click on the link below and fill out the detailed form and pay. Your application will be reviewed to make sure that your participation fits your current needs and the group. If you are accepted, you will receive additional information about how to access your materials. If you are not accepted, your payment will be refunded and you may be invited to join a future group.

Choose what you pay, based on your financial and social resources, considering your intersecting identities, s.a. gender, race, identity, education, social-economic status.


Supporter contribution (pays for you and helps someone else): $964 USD
Personal contribution (pays for yourself): $943 USD
Community contribution (discounted): $922 USD


If you are repeating the CI Circles or you have completed or are currently registered for the CI Professional Online Training or CI Self-Study Short, you may qualify for a discount. Reach out by email to check whether you qualify.

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