Are you too old to start over?

Do you want to make a career change but are afraid that it’s too late?

You are not the only one. Some people know what career are going to pursue since early stages of life, while others are still looking or just gave up, thinking that once they reached a certain age is too late to start over.

You may not know from the beginning if a certain job or role fits you. And this is perfectly normal. This is why some people have to try several jobs before deciding which is the right one. Change is part of our development process.

If you think that you are too old to try something new, there are a lot of example who state otherwise: J.K. Rowling finished her first book at the age of 30, Vera Wang entered the fashion industry at the age of 40, Julia Child wrote her first cookbook when she was 50 years old, etc. (Find out more about 19 highly successful people who prove it’s never too late to change careers)

Finding a job you love, gets you one step closer to success, no matter your age.

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