Cristina Bara

NARM therapist | Compassionate Inquiry Facilitator, Circle leader & practitioner

“Paradoxically, the more we try to change ourselves, the more we prevent change from occurring. On the other hand, the more we allow ourselves to fully experience who we are, the greater the possibility of change.”

I believe that there is something in each one of us which creates “conditions” to bring us closer to who we really are, but, sometimes, we see them as things which happen to us (traumatic events, conflicts, relational difficulties, disease, etc.) instead of opportunities for inner exploration.

Going though my own transformational process of self discovery which lead to giving up on a career of 8 years in the tax consultancy field, I sought to understand what are the things which keep us apart from our vital force within. I got trained in working with trauma and dedicated to my professional development in order to be able to accompany people on their journey of transformation, with presence and compassion.

Professional training

January 31

Personal development counselor certificate

Personal development counselor certificate
December 16

Transformational coach certification program

Transformational coach certification program
This 4 months program offered by Mind Learners is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) program, and has a unique structure, based around the triad mind, heart and spirit. It brings together concepts from neuroscience, developmental psychology, positive psychology and transpersonal..Read More

“The spontaneous movement in all of us is toward connection and health. No matter how withdrawn and isolating we have become, or how serious the trauma we have experienced, on the deepest level, just as a plant spontaneously moves towards the sun, there is in each of us an impulse moving toward connection.” – Laurence Heller