About coaching


Coaching is more than goal setting and what can be measured in business. It is about personal transformation.


Develops resourcefulness

Coaching is not about trying to “fix”, but rather about unlocking potential and bringing people more close and more connected to their personal gifts and talents.
While advice giving undermines one’s capacity to find its own answers, coaching creates space for introspection through questioning, mirroring and support.


Increases performance

When we talk about performance, either at work or at any other activity we want to engage in, only giving instructions rarely works. Coaching, instead of giving instructions, creates an environment for growth and personal development; it empowers people; it moves them to results. And it does so by removing the inner interference which stand in the way of performance.


Raises self-awareness

Jung said that “until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will call it faith”. People respond not to what is actually happening, but to the perceptions they created in their mind.
Coaching mirrors back any “blind” spots which rule ones life: limiting beliefs, fears, saboteurs, etc., so that you can become more aware and free yourself from those interference or stories you created in your mind.


Addresses the whole you

As we are not broken, through coaching, you will get closer to your wholeness.

All of you is welcome.

My misssion

My mission is to plant seeds of consciousness, to hold space for personal transformation.

And I am doing all of these by taking care of myself first, so that I can be fully present during the session with you.