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An integrative approach

My approach is an integrative one, incorporating other approaches which prove the connection between mind, body and emotions (Compassionate Inquiry, Neuro Affective Relational Model, Polyvagal Theory, etc.)

Thus, my motto is that we are not just our mind or body, recognizing the importance of each aspect and promoting change of the level of consciousness. The change goes beyond the surface, as it is a transformation of the way we think, feel and make conscious decisions.


I use mindfulness techniques to bring you back to the present moment and observing those repetitive and negative thoughts.


Once you are connected to yourself, I guide you towards unlocking the emotions stuck in the body, as well as limiting beliefs and thinking patterns.


I guide you to connect to yourself and become more aware of what your body is feeling when you experience all kinds of emotions and thoughts.


The transformation comes from living more consciously: more consciously aware of what happens around you, within you (mind and body) and in your life.

“The spontaneous movement in all of us is toward connection and health. No matter how withdrawn and isolating we have become, or how serious the trauma we have experienced, on the deepest level, just as a plant spontaneously moves towards the sun, there is in each of us an impulse moving toward connection.” – Laurence Heller


Whether you are looking to improve your performance, get organized, follow your passion or discover what is the cause of your suffering and free yourself from it, you can choose one of the services below.

NARM therapy

NARM is a cutting edge model for addressing attachment, relational and developmental trauma by working with the attachment patterns that cause…

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Compassionate Inquiry

Compassionate Inquiry is the psychotherapeutic approach to trauma developed by Dr. Gabor Mate, through which you can recognize the unconscious…

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Safe and sound protocol

I provide remote Safe and Sound protocol interventions to help you self-regulate, become less anxious and more focused, all from the comfort of your home…

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Compassionate inquiry

Won-der-ful! Those “Aha” moments which you need for clarity in your choices. Coaching from heart to heart. Thank you, Cristina!


Tunde K.

Compassionate inquiry

Cristina came into my life at the right time. She is so warm and lacks the judging instinct that the session flows as if you know her for a lifetime. A human being I would say, a human! Light, open, professional and especially the human being which knows how to pull out the wounds stuck on your heart and covered with all sorts of emotions. Thank you, Cristina!

Sorina B.

Individual coaching session

I enjoyed the coaching session with Cristina. She has such a positive energy and it really helps you become more aware of your thoughts.

Oana I.

Compassionate inquiry

Thank you for getting to meet you! I send a bright though in the Universe as a sign of grattitude.


Antonela C.

Couples workshop

I attended one of Cristina’s workshops with my husband and it was amazing! Cristina is a warm being and helped us discover the values of a fulfilled couple relationship. The rose ritual at the end was special. Thank you, Cristina!

Oana B.

Couples workshop

Cristina lead us through a wonderful atmosphere and gave us confidence even though it was our first experience of that kind: trying to connect and meditate consciously. She is warm and inspired us, guided us to have the courage to discover our inner place.

Corina D.

Individual coaching session

Cristina is a lovely coach! The sessions with her bring you clarity and lead you to unlocking your true potential! Thank you for the trust and for guiding me towards finding my inner creative power!

Caterina B.

Individual coaching session

My name is Georgia and I met Cristina through a contest which I won. She is a lovely person, and made me become aware of certain things which I was hiding.

Georgia I.

Individual coaching session

The coaching session was incredible! I expected to be a revelatory experience, but it exceeded by far my expectations! I had intense feelings, but I reached an inner calm state. I had moments of vulnerability, and Cristina created the safe space for it and I uncovered profound wounds. Even though Cristina was here with me, I felt I was talking to myself sometimes, it was a coming back to myself. I got the guidance I needed and I discovered a lot of things. “Extraordinary” is not enough to describe what I feelt! Thank you so much, Cristina!

Carla G.

Compassionate inquiry

Cristina is a very gifted coach, she always manages to help me gain clarity when feeling overwhelmed and guides me towards realizing what steps I need to take in order to achieve my goals. She helped me understand why I have certain emotions and thoughts, guided me in order to realize where they come from and helped me work past them if they no longer served me. I also greatly enjoy her meditations, which always help me to calm my mind and profoundly relax. While working with her, you can feel she is very passionate about helping others and has a great energy. She brings a “magical” contribution to my life which I am deeply grateful for!

Denisa I.

Couples workshop

It was an amazing experience that I can’t describe truly in words. I felt deeply relaxed and very connected with my partner. Thank you Cris so much!

Carmen P.

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